Deux Sapere Aude!

What is considered a sin? Can you ever lose your salvation? Is it wrong for Christians to drink alcohol? What’s wrong with sex before marriage? What will we look like in heaven? And can God create a burrito so spicy that He Himself cannot consume it? (no seriously).

The NewStart Veritas Forum, meaning “Truth Discussion” in latin and named after the eponymous collegiate apologetical conference, is led by Professor Jimmy Lim. A veteran of leading countless adult and young adult bible studies, the sagacious “Uncle Jimmy” tackles some of the most perplexing and difficult questions that Christians, both new and mature, might have about their faith. Employing visual media, an open-seminar teaching style, a lifetime of experience, and an energetic, magnetic personality, Jimmy shares his wisdom with his students to better hone their blades as bible swordsmen and swordswomen.

A newcomer to our Sunday School team, teacher-in-training Stephen Lo will be also joining Uncle Jimmy to lead class once a month. A recent graduate of UCSD, Stephen is no stranger to leading small groups, having been a student leader at Lowell High School’s Christian club, Agape. He has led the Veritas Forum on the relationship between Christianity and subjects such as colonialism and Asian-American culture, hugely relevant to the Bay Area.

Join us at the Veritas Forum in Sunday School Room A at 3:45PM every Sunday before church. We welcome all ages and all levels of spiritual maturities. Oh, and bring your bibles. You’ll be needing them.