While we are currently reevaluating our church needs, a few basic resources that are always welcomed are:

1.) Clothing and food.
Particularly socks or large shirts or jackets to use for our Socks N’ Sandwiches ministry. We accept any foods you’d like to donate, as long as they’re not spoiled. We’d also be glad to have you join us at SnS, so you could pass out your donations personally. Contact Matthew Won (415-794-7838) if you’d like to contribute.

2.) Food for FNF
Our Friday Night Fellowship (FNF) understands, better than most, that Middle School and High School kids can definitely eat. We need volunteers to help make dinner for our hungry kids. In addition, if you’d like to lead games or help drive our kids home, we appreciate any support in those areas as well (of course, we’d like to get to know you first). Contact Jeffrey Chee (415-418-8941) if you’d like to support.

3.) CUPs (Clean-up People)
No, not cups, but CUPs (clean up people)! The church can get a bit messy as we worship and fellowship throughout the week. Therefore, every Sunday after service, a group of dedicated individuals take part in cleaning the church. Serving includes vacuuming, washing dishes, taking out the trash, wiping tables, cleaning the bathrooms, and washing our pastor’s feet (kidding on the last one). Contact Matthew Won (415-794-7838) if you’d like to support.

4.) Prayer.
We are still a young and small church, with some members far away for college, and others struggling with loss or stress every day as young adults entering the working world. With many prayer warriors lifting us up in spirit, we will continue to do God’s work as an invigorated and strengthened community.

–God does nothing except in response to prayer.

5.) YOU!
NewStart Ministries needs willing individuals to serve in many areas of ministry. What is your spiritual gift?

Can you play an instrument or sing? We’d like to hear you every Sunday on stage with the worship team.
Enjoy sports and playing them? So do we! Be a leader in coaching one of our many CCU sports teams!
Are you a whiz at baking or cooking? We’d love to taste your masterpieces; join our crew in planning after-service refreshments and potlucks!
Are you an older Christian with much wisdom to share? We need you on our discipleship team to mentor our younger congregation members.
Don’t have any special talents but want to serve anyway? Not a problem. We’ll find a role for you. We need you and your willingness to serve!

–God looks not for your ability but your availability.

Please contact one of our church leaders if you’d like to donate your time or resources.