Feeling All Alone?

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I’ve been looking around at people rushing everywhere as part of the Christmas season. We were in the mall a couple of times this past week, and it’s interesting how different that place is this time of year.

There are crowds everywhere. It’s hard to find a place to park that isn’t a long way from the entrance. There are lines at cash registers where, any other time of year, you’d be looking around for someone to ring up your purchase. The wide corridors that usually are relatively lightly populated, except for folks who use it as a place to do their exercise walks, now have people walking in every direction, as if there were no possible way to maintain an orderly pattern. Yes, there are people everywhere you look. There would be absolutely no reason for anyone to feel lonely at this time of year.

And, yet, today I was reminded of just how lonely this season can be for some. There are people missing a loved one for the first time at Christmas season. There are lots of people who’ve had changes in their life recently and, in this most familiar feeling time of year, there’s no one around they REALLY know. And, for some people, the circumstances of their lives leave them alone most of the time, and everyone else’s happiness becomes a grim reminder of their situation.

Are you feeling all alone this Christmas? This is not the time to “hide out” from the Body of Christ. Gather with us each Sunday and be reminded,…YOU are a part of the family of God.

Always praying for you,

Your Older Brother,

Pastor Joe

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