Worship – a dynamic experience that will draw people closer and become more intimate with God.

Sunday Worship: We gather together for worship every Sunday at 4:30pm to worship God as a church family. We worship God in music, in prayer, in listening to the Word, in our giving, in partaking of the sacraments, and in our fellowship and love for one another. We invite you to join us!
Sunday School: Seeking to learn more about the one who created you and His Word?  At New Start Ministries, our goal is to not only evangelize and spread the Gospel to others, but to grow new believers in the Word as well.  Peter has stated “Always be ready to give a reason for what you believe”, and through the medium of Sunday School, we will become better prepared as witnesses to testify His impact on our lives.  Join us as we learn about God’s word on Sundays, beginning at 3:30PM, with three Sunday Schools catering to different ages – College, High School & Junior High, Elementary.

Weekly Worship: As part of discipleship, we worship in small groups. We believe that healthy growth and transformation stems from first partnering with the Holy Spirit and prayer, and secondly becoming part of a community that together desires God’s heart and will pray for one another in support and love. New Start Ministries A Church of the Nazarene in San Francisco offers ministries that can help facilitate growth in Christ to challenge and change lives. Please check out what’s going on and how you can be a part of growing together.